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20 mars 2010 6 20 /03 /mars /2010 06:57


ShiVa Becomes the First 3D Dev Kit for the Platform as Crusade of Destiny is Ported from iPhone to Android in Less Than an Hour

Stonetrip, a leading 3D engine company for games and 3D applications, today announced that the ShiVa 3D engine now supports the Android platform. Licensees of ShiVa 3D now have beta access to the authoring tool and within the next two weeks, the full commercial release will occur. To prove platform compatibility, Crusade of Destiny™ for iPhone was ported in just a few clicks by its developer DVide Arts.

There is no additional licensing fee for the new platform giving ShiVa licensees access to PC, Mac, Linux, Web, iPhone and Android under a single unified engine and editor. This allows developers to create their code once and bring it to all of the supported platforms.

“With the success of iPhone and the App store, we see Android as a platform with a lot of potential. Being on the target platform early will allow ShiVa developers to capture the audience early and build their brands,” said Philip Belhassen, CEO of Stonetrip. “iPhone apps built in ShiVa can quickly and easily be ported to Android with minimal effort. It’s literally just a few clicks to port a game.”

ShiVa has been designed to give game developers the ability to quickly and efficiently create high-quality interactive content for PC, Mac, Linux, Web, iPhone and other platforms. With great attention paid to simplifying and speeding the process of creation, and maximizing the space for art and content on mobile and Web platforms, ShiVa has more than 100,000 hours of development already invested into the engine. To date, more than 8,000 applications and hundreds of games have been built using ShiVa.

Stonetrip also recently unveiled a new version of its 3D Web Player, making 3D web-based applications easier to deploy. The new 3D Web player provides an innovative system for developers to rapidly reach their target audience on the internet with rich, interactive applications and games. The plug-in is quite simply the fastest and easiest installation for high quality, rich 3D application on the Web.

Technical demonstrations are available on the Stonetrip website at: http://www.stonetrip.com.

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