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2 novembre 2009 1 02 /11 /novembre /2009 18:09

Binary promotion, ShiVa Advanced at 1024€, Unlimited at 128€.

ShiVa 1.8 released !

S3D Engine SDK is now available for iPhone.


ShiVa 1.8 delivers over 150 new features and improvements, including next gen rendering techniques and engine optimizations, 300 new API functions, DWF import, Soap XML, Voice over IP, Streaming, PixelMap, new samples, updated documentation and a new Web Player.

Next Gen 3D Engine : The ShiVa engine now integrates all new next gen rendering technologies to make your applications beautiful in just a few clicks. New advanced post rendering effects such as advanced camera features including depth of field, heat haze, motion blur and a new real time shadowing system using the cascaded shadow maps algorithm.

Ocean Management : The ShiVa engine now integrates advanced ocean management. Infinite ocean simulation with advanced shading system including foam, reflection, refraction and underwater volumetric effects.

PixelMap :
Paint directly in a texture using a HUD component. Let users create tags, sign or use it with the SDK to display anything you want.

iPhone anti-piracy : Integrated lua function allowing developers to know if the application comes from iTunes or not.

Streaming : The ShiVa engine can now display movies from the web with full streaming and live streaming, the perfect solution for dynamic in-game video, advertising and user generated content.
With the ShiVa Server, the engine can now offer the VOIP feature, to let people speak to each other freely in MMO games.

DWF Import : ShiVa can now import DWF from all Autodesk software, including Revit and Inventor.

ShiVa Server Embedded in Player : The new Web Player now embeds a ShiVa Server, making it possible to create multi-user applications without the need for an external server. Unlimited simultaneous users, VOIP enabled, this solution is perfect for your multi-user games hosted by one of the gamers or in a LAN party.
This feature also includes a server finder in a local area network, to help gamers connect together easily.
All of this is free.

New samples and documentation : The ShiVa Editor 1.8 comes with more than 20 samples including iPhone and multiplayer one.
"The Hunt" and "The Paint" sources are also available plus a complete making of pdf document (100 pages).


Physics engine improvements
Dynamic omni-directional shadows
Particle engine improvements
Terrain dynamic layers
Dynamic sky
Mac OS X and Linux editors


OL Virtual Stadium, immersive virtual stadium presentation
ColdPlay Strawberry Swing, a music game using Engine SDK
Reapers Slots, a slot machine game
Crusade of destiny, a full scale massive 3D RPG
Dinky Ball, an addictive arcade game
Arcana Spell Duel, a strategy mage duelling


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